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Volume 2


The Journey Continues
Volume II

“The Chronicles of Elizabeth Highland” is the second novel documenting the life of adventuresome author Elizabeth Highland—her love, her search for spiritual awakening and her journey towards becoming a published writer. Filled with humor, candor and thought-provoking topics relevant to the present times, this book is an exploration of one woman’s search for herself.

Elizabeth Highland has known Timothy Blumefield for 40 years, but it was not until they began to communicate online that they developed a cyberspace romance. When readers last left off, Blumefield was aware she was writing their story and assured her “he would be most flattered to be romantically linked to her”. With encouragement from her editor to write a sequel and a few pokes from Blumefield into crafting Volume II—Highland began writing.

In her ongoing quest for spiritual enlightenment, Highland journeys to Istanbul, Jerusalem and Jordan, exploring the rich history, culture and faith of each location. She rides camels in the desert and challenges her ways of thinking, leading to new discoveries about love and life.

Highland also offers readers a behind-the-scenes look at her publishing process. Her emails with Blumefield effectively show the work put into creating the book and how it eventually led her to New York where she pitched her story to Hollywood executives.

The Chronicles of Elizabeth Highland: The Journey Continues is a hilarious, romantic comedy of awakening consciousness that defies the laws of time. Written in a diary-style narrative, Highland delivers first-rate entertainment as well as reflective ideas about the modern world.

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